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Why Deskbird Standing Desks?

We love standing desks and it's why deskbird was born in the first place. Our adjustable sit-stand desks are carefully crafted with your needs in mind. To get you sitting and standing comfortably and seamlessly integrating movement into your desk life.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that our sit stand desks are not just another piece of trend furniture. Deskbird desks are built with thoughtfully designed components that enhance movement.

Get ready for an epic experience with our deskbird standing desks.

Deskbird Standing Desks

Desk Accessories, That Actually Help!

Deskbird's was born to serve genuinely useful ergonomic desks, chairs and accessories. Aesthetic appeal came second to functionality, but of course - not neglected! What's the point of something looking good but not being useful?

Our product range includes everything you would ever want, with a range of desk essentials, including desk pads, monitor arms, monitor stands, laptop stands, anti-fatigue mats, castors, and even wireless desk chargers. Let us help you look after your posture. Rest assured, we've got your back – quite literally!

Ergonomic Accessories

One Standing Desk, Multiple Sizes.

Deskbird standing desks were crafted with long-term use in mind. That's precisely why we have made our desk frames adjustable in both height and width.

When you invest in one of our sit-stand desks, you won't have to worry about desk shopping in the future! If you ever move to a new home or office and want to adjust your desk size, simply get a new top!

This approach future-proofs your investment and promotes environmental sustainability by reducing waste and unnecessary emissions. Greater savings, and longer-lasting adjustable deskbird.

Build Your Desk

Ethical and Sustainable

FSC Certified®

Deskbird is passionate about forests and creating top-notch products. Our Acacia and Pheasantwood hardwood desks come from ethical and sustainable plantations, certified 100% by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC). We're constantly striving to enhance our commitment to sustainability.

Experience The Best Adjustable Standing Desks!

FAQs About Deskbird Standing Desk

Are all your height adjustable desks and office furniture in stock?

Every product that is currently available and in stock will be listed on our website, out of stock items will be unavailable on our website. There may be rare occasions where there are stock errors on our system. We review stock weekly to prevent this from happening.

Does it matter if I buy accessories now or later?

Our bespoke desk accessories can be purchased at any time. For special discounted bundle pricing, it is recommended that accessories are purchased with your office desk to save on your overall costs.

Where are your desks shipped from?

Majority of our office furniture and standing desks are shipped from Auckland. Occasionally they will be shipped from Christchurch or Tauranga depending on stock levels.

Can I view a standing desk near me?

We are currently looking for a new premises to showcase our desks and are always reviewing our options to expand in other cities. If you are a retailer that would like to stock our items, please get in touch.

Do you have drawers for your office desks?

We currently don’t have any built-in drawers for our office desks. With that said, we do have bespoke accessories like our under desk storage which can attach under your desk, anywhere you like!

Do you have any under desk treadmills for your adjustable desks?

We currently don’t have any under desk treadmills for sale. We are currently looking into this and hope to have some in the future.

My standing desks will only go down or say ASR.

If this occurs, please reset your electric desk via the instructions below:

Reset procedure: 

Please hold the DOWN button for 10 to 15 seconds until ASR shows up on the keypad. 

Then, once ASR shows up on the keypad, please hold the DOWN button for another 10 seconds until the desk lowers a little and rises a little and a number shows. Please note, this will only work for deskbird sit/stand desks. 

Are your standing desks suitable for a laptop?

Our adjustable desks are suitable for laptops, PCs and as a standard desk. We have a range of high quality accessories that suit different office setups to make sure that you are taken care of ergonomically!

Premium Standing Desk, Do it yourself?

Here at Deskbird NZ we have made it a priority to make assembly easy. For our core range of Signature and Lite electric sit/stand desks, we have made assembly videos to help you assemble your desk as quickly as possible. We have also pre-drilled each desk-top to ensure that no drills are required.

Do you sell your sit stand desks without a top?

Yes we do! We offer the frame only option for both our Signature and Lite adjustable desk models. This is particularly useful for users who wish to use their current top or who want to be creative and build their own!

All our frames come with all the electrical components required and the keypad/control panel. Screws to attach the frame to your top are not provided as different materials will require different screws. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns. We would be more than happy to help!

Are your adjustable standing desks wobbly?

We have done vigorous testing to ensure that our desks are super stable.  Our signature desk frames alone are 30kg! While it is true that any sit-stand desk at maximum height will wobble slightly due to the center of gravity rising (not all retailers tell you this), we have made changes to our desk frames to minimise movement as much as possible.

We kindly invite customers to try our desks in our showroom to see the difference. If you have a wobbly desk, do get in touch! This is often due to an under tightening of screws in the centre bracket.

Do you have stock in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch?

Our adjustable desks are shipped from Auckland. Our orders are shipped via standard opening hours when couriers are available to pick up.