How to reduce back pain with an adjustable standing desk.

Reducing your back pain and using standing desks.

We have all experienced back pain in one form or another. Whether it’s from bad posture, a bad night's sleep, picking up something heavy or a sports injury; it all feels quite bad and sore. Back pain can be due to a variety of things and fixing and curing back pain isn’t as easy as it sounds; even the best adjustable standing desk isn’t just going to cure it. But we believe an adjustable standing desk may be very beneficial in reducing back pain. Back pain has several causes, most of which are from lifestyle choices (excluding one off injuries). In this blog post, we will be focusing on how an adjustable standing desk can be beneficial to you and your back and what studies have shown. 

Adjustable standing desks or sit-stand desks as many would call it can be more beneficial for your back than traditional desks. Sitting is comfortable but not for long periods of time as it reduces blood flow and promotes poor posture; typically here in NZ we would sit at desks for 3-4 hours at a time with lunch breaks in between (we would probably sit during lunch times too) and that is only getting worse with technology and COVID-19 forcing us to stay indoors during lockdowns. Having a standing desk changes this as it allows individuals to alternate between sitting and standing; this is the key. Here at Deskbird NZ we are a big believer in everything in moderation, the same applies here with adjustable standing desks. Sitting all day isn’t healthy for you but neither is standing all day; the mix of both is key and the sweet spot will simply depend on the individual and how they work. 

By reducing the amount of time you are sitting, you will effectively create more movement in your workday allowing for better posture as sitting for prolonged hours at a desk often leads to hunched and slouched shoulders. By breaking up the periods of sitting and replacing it with standing, you will effectively be resetting your posture; and if this is done a few times throughout the day, you will be essentially releasing pressure and strain on your back when you do reset. This adjustment of your standing desk will give your back a break and reduce strain on your back as you will be changing positions. Again, a disclaimer, everyone is different, so please use a standing desk where you feel comfortable and adjust when necessary. Seek further advice from doctors or physicians if you are in pain or you are suffering from back pain. 

Previous studies have shown the negative effects of prolonged sitting and positive effects of using a sit-stand desk. These studies we presume were just using a normal adjustable standing desk. The key is that it doesn’t have to be the best adjustable desk with fancy equipment but just an adjustable desk that allows for movement and a change in position. A small study done in 2018 found that individuals who used a sit stand desk aka an adjustable desk had an improvement in their back pain and reduction in back pain compared to the control group. This is just one of the main studies out there on adjustable standing desks, there are plenty more studies out there; you can view this particular study here

It is important to know that adjustable standing desks will not cure back pain, but based on studies for most people it will help reduce back pain. We say this as a disclaimer as there are many factors that contribute to back pain, and just to be honest with our readers and customers, an adjustable standing desk won’t cure it all; even if it is the best standing desk out there in New Zealand or the world. There are risks for standing or sitting too much, what we feel is best is alternating between the two. We do recommend looking for other products other than adjustable standing desks which may help relieve back pain, some examples include bedding, ergonomic chairs and sofas. In our next blog, we will be writing up tips on how to use your adjustable standing desks to the best and fullest. Stay tuned!


How to reduce back pain with an adjustable standing desk.

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