Adjustable Standing desk: How this came about and an active workplace.

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Today we will have a little ramble about the importance and benefits of having an active work environment. No set topic, but just a chat really about our frustrations, what we see in workplaces and why we so strongly want to change it here in NZ


When we talk about active workplaces, we aren’t just talking about adjustable standing desks. By active, we don't mean work work work, but actually letting the body be active and free in the workplace; movement in a nutshell. Here at Deskbird NZ, we think movement is important (as you can probably tell by our adjustable standing desks), but we are sure you think it is too. And our body lets us know that movement is important. Just think of yoga, stretching when you’re on the couch for too long or just going for a walk on the beach; humans love movement and we were born to move; not just to sit on a chair all day staring at a digital screen right? Even if you have a  adjustable standing desk at home or in the office, remember to keep active throughout your day and get the body moving to keep you active; you’ll really feel the difference! Even if it’s just doing a few stretches for 5 minutes or going for a  quick walk; getting the body and blood moving around is so healthy for the body and mind. 

As the years have gone by, we have noticed more and more people being hunched over at their desks, obesity rising and also longer hours at work. I guess it's a side effect due to the development of fast technology. I’m guessing this will only get worse, with self driving cars, artificial intelligence and automated technology coming so soon. This all leads to significant health problems later on in life, and it all catches up before you know it! Why are we saying this? Because we have experienced the same too. Just the invention of the smartphone has led to more people hunching over, hours a day. Adjustable standing desks are good and standing desks can help, but it is also limited in its own way. So what is the solution to all creating an active environment and an active workspace? Standing desks? And more standing desks? Not completely, we haven't found a solution but we’re getting there. 

Back pain, non adjustable desks and long hours have all been a big reason why this company started in the first place. We wanted to change the normal workplaces into active workplaces and actually do something about it. Ergonomics to us isn’t just standing desks, but actually much more. As mentioned before, the human body and brain loves movement, and adjustable standings desks are just the tip of the iceberg. Standing desks are just the beginning when it comes to ergonomics, there is a whole lot more that is coming. Yes everyone should get an adjustable standing desk and that standing desks are important, but our goal is to promote ergonomics as a whole. There are many products in the pipeline other than adjustable standing desks, but why did we decide to promote standings desks first? And why are we trying to promote standing desks for ergonomics? The simple answer to that is simply hours. Most of our week we do many things, but there are 2 main things that take up most of our time. That is sleep and work. On average we sleep about 7 to 8 hours a night on our bed (make sure to get a good bed!) and 7 to 8 hours at work. These two things alone, take up 16 hours if not more. That’s 2/3rds of our day gone. Because so many people spend so much time on their desk at work, we wanted to start off by promoting adjustable standing desks first because we think that getting a standing desk at work is the most important priority when it comes to ergonomics. You spend over 7 to 8 hours at work, that's a third of your day. If you think about working 30 years, that's many many hours on your desk. If you have a bad posture and find yourself hunched over, imagine what your back might be like in 30 years? Yep, we think so too, pretty sore and hunched over! This led us to making standing desks, we want to change the way people work, and create an active workplace. Adjustable standing desks is just the beginning and if you already have a adjustable standing desk, you may be already ahead. 

Adjustable standing desk: How this came about and an active workplace.
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