The positive impacts of having an adjustable standing desk.

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Adjustable standing desks are still somewhat of a new type of desk, but what makes them different from other desks and what are the positive effects? In this blog, we will delve into the positive impacts of having an adjustable standing desk. 

Here at Deskbird NZ, our standing desks are designed for you to move and adjust when needed; whether you're working, gaming or just browsing on the internet movement is healthy. Humans are meant to move. Sitting or standing for long periods of time is comfortable but not healthy either if done for long periods of time. Even though the best adjustable standing desks can help you to stand and burn more calories throughout the day, we wouldn't want you to stand all day and work, because that would just be dreadful and you would simply be fatigued standing 8 hours a day. What we are pushing for is movement. We think that is the best practice. If you have been sitting for over 2-3 hours, standing and working in a different position is healthy and vice versa. Having a standing desk, gives you the ability to alter the height that you are working at and below we will go through some positive impacts of having an adjustable standing desk. 

Adjustable standing desks - Moods and energy

If you have had an adjustable standing desk before, you’ll know what I am talking about. Having a standing desk that is adjustable simply helps you feel more energetic, it just feels the best. This is simply due to movement and a change in posture. By being able to sit and stand at different times of the day, you will find that you will have more energy compared to just sitting in your chair for 8 hours. Getting the body and blood moving around via movement will help you to feel more awake and energised. We’ve found our standing desk particularly useful in the late afternoon after a heavy lunch. We’ve all had those days!

Adjustable Standing desks - Productivity

Following on from boosting your mood and energy leads to the topic of increased productivity. Standing desks are a great way to boost productivity. With increased movement, energy levels and being able to move and work in a position that we want to not only helps with our general and mental well being but also helps with productivity. We’ve all had sluggish days before and let’s face it, those sluggish days can be a bit better with a standing desk. 

Standing desks - Posture

If you're reading this standing desk blog, I'm sure you have heard about the benefits of standing desks on postures and back pain. This simply comes down to movement and also being able to stand. Sometimes when we are seated, our backs are somewhat forced into a certain seating position due to the design or height of a chair or desk. This changes with an adjustable standing desk. By being able to stand and sit when you please, will allow you to practice and maintain good posture throughout your day. This is not only good for your posture and back, but good for your overall general health. It’s really important to avoid slouching and focus on having a good posture. Your body will thank you later!

We’ve talked about different positive impacts of having a standing desk, and while we can keep the listing going we have decided to keep this blog short and sweet. There are many benefits of standing desks on general health and many studies on it too. It is hard to describe exactly the feeling of movement and having the freedom of moving and adjusting while working on a standing desk. The best way to really feel the benefits of a standing desk is just to try one. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about standing desks and let us know if we can help you out in any way. There are heaps of blogs and studies on standing desks online, so do check them out! Stay safe NZ!

The positive impacts of having a standing desk. 

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